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Complete Your Nutritional Breakfast

With an organic milk comes from nature for your healthier life


Delicious Milk For Kids

Healthy Kids Make You Smile Always


Vitamins are important for children

Give your children nutritional meals and complete it with Wildan Adek


Top Organic Goat Milk

Comes from nature for your better health


Are you one of them?

A Baby

Are you one of the spouse that still struggling to have a baby? Have try many methods but still didn’t success?


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Wondering what is the best and most nutritious milk for your children to have a healthy growth?


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Always can’t focus and feel asleep during the learning sessions? Feel left behind in your lesson?


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Just got a new baby in your tummy? Worried what you consume will affect your health and your baby?


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Difficult to maintain your health when the figure of your age number getting bigger and bigger?


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Just deliver a new baby but got problem with your breastmilk? Your baby always cry due to insufficient milk?


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Wildan Mama Premium

Special Formulation For Working Mums

Wildan organic goat milk formula – Wildan Mama Premium formula has successfully help working mums to overcome problem such as tiredness, back pain, legs cramp, dry skin and many more..

Triple Booster for Nursing Mums

There are 3 main ingredients in Wildan Mama Premium which each of them help increasing breast milk, thus it should give triple booster effect. Thus drink Wildan organic goat milk powder – Wildan Mama Premium may help you in increasing the production of your breast milk.

Help Preggy Mums Get More Nutrients

Wildan Mama Premium help preggy mums get various important nutrients for her body and her baby and also can avoid baby from getting jaundis after delivery

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Wildan Organic Goat Milk Powder Formula Malaysia | Wildan Lab

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What They’re Saying About Us

“Sy start minum susu wildan nie ms sy 7bln preggy..thank god anak sy xde jaundice langsung..sy stil minum susu nie n susu sy pn byk n baby pn kenyang selalu.. thank u wildan.. 😉😉”

Thevaranjani ElenggovenCardiothoracic OT

“Assalamualaikum... Saya minum susu kambing Wildan ni time sarapan.. MasyaAllah..rasanya sedap n mmg asli..tambah pulak dgn rasa coklat..mmm.. Alhamdulillah..badan saya sihat sepanjang hari bila minum susu kambing Wildan ni..”

Muhammad Zulqarnin Bin AbdullahFounder of Junud Sdn Bhd

“Rasa sedap, tak manis dan tak hamis. Saya ni peminum susu tegar. Susu Wildan memang susu favourite saya sejak saya mengandung sampai bila2, hehehe. Saya masih menyusu anak saya yang berumur 1 tahun 9 bulan. Semua ibu mengandung dan menyusu minumlah susu wildan. Terbaikk!

p/s: Dah terima sample susu wildan macam2 perisa. Terima kasih Wildan =)”

Arfah Abdullah SaniAgent Shaklee

“Susu yg sngt sedap, x berbau, sesuai dengan tekak sy yang loya minum susu.. Sblm ni x dpt nk minum susu, rasa nk muntah,.tp dgn susu wildan hari2 sy dapat minum susu utk bekalan kalsium pd badan dan baby sy.. Sy minum susu wildan mama premium utk kali ini..”

Ika AtikahTeacher

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