12 Years Experience In Online Business

Starting with website developing company and graphic design since 2006 and continue in several business field including printing, fashion and latest in food industries.

Engineer Based Problem Solving

Graduated in Computer Engineering field, allow the founder to produce products for community problem solving as engineer always find and solve others problems

NLP Certified in Business

NLP in Business certified from NLP, USA.

The Owner

During under graduate studies, the owner already open the business in several kind of fields and niche including service to develop websites, graphic design and also selling goods of his own brand, which at that time he successfully open a muslimah boutique in Wangsa Maju called Faeizeen Collection which selling muslimah t-shirts and apparels.

Studying in field of Engineering with majoring in Computer Information and Electronics, he manage to balance his studied and business during that time and successfully to graduate on early of 2011. After graduation he continued to do his business and started to open a new business in food and beverages line at the end of 2013 in niche of Goat’s milk powder.

Wildan Goat’ Milk

Starting on Nov 2013, Wildan goat’s milk start entering the Malaysian market by its own unique selling products which is Organic Goat’s Milk powder. With the warmth response to the market, Wildan start to searching for distributor to expand their distribution channel for the whole country since the increasing of the demand start to begun. During this starting process, Wildan only operated from a house located at Taman Sri Serdang, from zero staff increase to two members of staff in 2014.

The demand and market keep growth and as member of the company keep to increase as well. By end of 2014, there was about 4 permanent staff already hired by the company to make sure all the process run smoothly. During that year the brand of Wildan already known as the most popular brand for the Goat’s milk powder in Malaysia at that time and had appear in many media including several electronic media such as radio and television.