Frequently Ask Questions

Did Wildan Goat's Milk Got Halal Certified From Jakim?

Yes, Wildan Organic Goat Milk already got certified Halal from Jakim since 2014 till now.

Can baby consume Wildan Goat Milk?

Baby under age 2 years old are not recommended to consume Wildan Organic Goat Milk directly. The prefer way for them to consume it is by his/her mother consume Wildan Goat Milk everyday to help increase the mom’s breast milk, then breastfeed the baby regularly. All the nutrients of goat milk will also reach and benefits the baby too.

My son 1 year old would like to switch to formula milk, can I switch it to Wildan Goat Milk?

Sure can, but make sure the baby also get other solid foods other than consume Wildan Goat Milk and we prefer the baby take the Original flavour. It will make the baby got more balance nutrients for their healthy growth.

For pregnancy mother, how much frequent do I need to consume Wildan Goat Milk daily?

It is better for pregnancy mom to consume 2 to 4 glasses of Wildan Organic Goat Milk daily so that the nutrients are enough to cover the growth of the baby as well as to maintain mothers health.

Minimum at least 2 glasses daily, 1 glass during or before breakfast and another 1 glass before sleeps.

If take more than 2 glasses daily, you can either consume it during tea time, after lunch or after breakfast.

In order to increasing breast milk, how fast can I get the positive effect?

If you maintain consuming 2 glasses daily, the fastest effect can be seen in 1 day or less. However it also depends on what food did you eat in your daily meals.

If you skip any meals, it may delay the effect.

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